Opening the Time Capsule

On this date in 2014, I decided to create a blog-based ‘time capsule‘ for myself, where I’d ask a series of questions and then answer them five years later. Well, now that five years have passed, it’s time to answer the questions asked by my younger self. So, here goes!

1. Are all the people you know now still alive? I hope so!
Thankfully, this is mostly the case, with the sad exception of one of my uncles. It’s always important to appreciate the continued existence of the people in your life.

2. Are you still alive? That would also be nice. If not, I suppose this entry was a slight waste of time.
Yes, I am. Or, at least, I think so. Another thing it’s important to appreciate: I am happy to be alive!

3. Are you still updating this blog? I love it so much now, and I’d hate to think you’d lose interest. Even if you don’t update it now, use this time capsule as an excuse to do so.
Yes! I am proud to say that I have been consistently updating it for almost eight years now. It’s so ingrained in my weekly structure that I don’t imagine I will ever stop.

4. Do you also still update your Finger Puppet Show? If not, why don’t you revive it?
Sorry, past me. It’s on an extended hiatus as I am taking ages to do the 500th strip which is a bit too over indulgent – but it will resume eventually!

5. When was the last time you saw Chloe, Dalfino, David, Egan, Mairi, Naomi, Oscar, Rory, Sophie or Stacey? If it’s been a very long time, please be sure to try and arrange something soon
Let me answer that one person at a time:

  • You saw Chloe just a couple of weeks ago and had a delightful visit to Nando’s – our friendship is as solid now as it was then… if not moreso.
  • Dalfino remains the constant fixture in life that he has been for the past fifteen years. He is eternal, like the sun.
  • David, alas, you have not seen for about four years now, though you both make the effort to keep in touch, it’s a problem of circumstance. Despite this, we still care for one another now, just as much as we did then.
  • You saw Egan a little over a year ago – he moved to Australia and it’s sad for me that he’s far away, but it’s nice that he’s expanding to new horizons and building a serious relationship with his partner Christy (who you’ve met and is very nice.)
  • Mairi, also, you have not seen for over a year – due, merely, to the long distance nature of our friendship. Since 2014, we’ve shared many lovely experiences and I’ve visited her in Scotland a couple of times. Excitingly, you managed to find a way to collaborate with her in your current job (more on that later!)
  • Much like David, I have not seen Naomi in a long time either – alas.
  • Oscar you saw a few months ago. You don’t see or hear from him as much as you used to, which is kind of sad, but as times change so do people’s priorities. I’m sure you’ll see him again soon…
  • Rory you saw in December – for his wedding! He has moved to America now, but you hope to visit him soon… if not, he may be back in the UK before long! We were sitting at the peak of friendship back in 2014 and I continue to enjoy the view from the top of that mountain five years later.
  • Sophie was your newest friend back when you made this and I am pleased to say that, since then, your friendship has grown and she has become a real institution in your life. A highly positive influence who you last saw today! We had a delicious Nando’s.
  • It’s been over a year since we last saw Stacey. We gave her a tearful goodbye as she left to travel the world in 2017 – though a selfish part of us will always be a bit sad, it’s lovely that she’s doing such amazing things. You communicate regularly online, often with video calls and it’s very nice.

6. Also, for the people you’re not in contact with so often, are you still arranging regular meals to meet up at?
You still do your meals with old Corsham friends, yes. You’ve also done a very good job of rekindling the fires of friendship with both Ben and Hayley, who you had drifted away from slightly back in 2014. It’s nice to have them back as positive fixtures.

7. Have you had any more writing published in the last five years?
Loads. You actually worked as a freelance writer for over a year. Well done

8. How did you do at university?
Wonderfully. You got a 2:1.

9. Are there any important people in your life that I don’t know yet?
Oh, yes, there certainly are! Your Friend Square is quite a bit bigger! Let’s go over them one at a time:

  • Liam: Since writing this, you went on to become good friend’s with Chloe’s partner, Liam. In fact, you now count him as one of your very best friends. Reliable, helpful and protective, exactly what you want in a friend. Plus, he’s given you loads of great gifts over the years and now even helps manage this blog!
  • Sarah: In 2015, you get a job which is pretty good, but let down by an awful manager. While working there, you meet a lovely woman named Sarah with whom you share a number of stressful and frustrating experiences – but a friendship formed in fires like those soon becomes unbreakable when you realise you can both count on each other in times of stress. You’ve both left that job now, but still see each other regularly.
  • Edward: As part of the process of becoming very best friends with Sarah, you get introduced to her partner Edward. He has this sort of ‘grumpy’ aura (and I’m sure he won’t take offense at me saying that) but you quickly realise that the crusty exterior masks a beautiful and kindhearted soul and at this point feel just as much affection for him as you do for Sarah.
  • Amy: In 2018, you start working at WDC (Whale and Dolphin Conservation) and sit across from a woman named Amy. At first you’re on a fixed term contract and intentionally don’t want to really make friends and then have to leave them. Eventually this got extended and you realised that this was a friendship worth investing in – and I’m glad you did! You confide in one another, support one another, make one another laugh and, also, she makes the best cupcakes you’ve ever eaten. She left WDC but you still communicate online on a near-daily basis.
  • And that’s pretty much the best of compilation of the last few years – other new and valuable friends include Kat, Alex, Sam, Sophia, Tom, Stephanie, Will, Jess, Tasha… and that’s not even everybody. You’ve made so many friends since you made this original blog post and you love them all.

10. Been anything new, Waltons-wise?
Alas, no new episodes. You did meet two cast members though… that was pretty great.

11. Are you employed? If so, what are you doing? If not, good luck!
You’re the Digital Fundraising officer at WDC (Whale and Dolphin Conservation) a job which gives you a steady income and has made you a lot of friends. It’s nice and rewarding to work for a charity too.

12. Where do you live? Are you still at home? Have you moved to Bath? Or are you somewhere else entirely?
Still living in Corsham… Maybe you’ll move to Bath one day though.

13. Finally, I quite enjoyed this, so, why not make a capsule to open in 2024?
Good idea, past me. I’ll make it Monday’s post. Considering all the nice things I’ve had to write about in this blog post, it’s heartwarming to think about all the developments I’ll have to cover in 2024.

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