Paul Hanley’s Amazing Doctor Who Art

As an independent creative, I feel it is my responsibility to share the work of other independent creatives from time to time and today I want to draw your attention to the art of Paul Hanley.

As I mentioned in the title, one of the main things he does is Doctor Who fan art. There are two things he does which I especially like; the first is “group photos” of specific Doctors and all of their companions across different media. Here’s an example of the one he did for the Twelfth Doctor – incredible! He also does portraits of individual characters and has covered so many Doctors and companions, including some really obscure ones, such as the alcoholic female Doctor who worked at Sainsbury’s in the audio story Exile or John and Gillian, the Doctor’s grandchildren in comics from the 1960s. The fact that he is really going out of his way to include so many different characters is really admirable in my eyes.

It’s not just Doctor Who fan art that he does either, but also a fair number of other things. Most significantly to me, he also does a lot of Twin Peaks art, which is great because I also happen to be very fond of Twin Peaks and I enjoy his art of these characters just as much as the Doctor Who ones. Overall, whoever he’s drawing, Paul Hanley is a very talanted artist and I hope that he can make a lot of money doing what he does! Support him on Patreon.

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