Philosophy A Level

_ Basically, I’m going to use this blog entry to tell you why you should be choosing Philosophy as one of your A Level options (if you haven’t chosen them yet). Philosophy seems to be a rather unpopular subject for some reason, so I’m hoping I can use this to help people realise how cool it is.
First, I’ll tell you the educational benefits of choosing Philosophy. If you’re planning on going on to university, this subject will be very useful to you. For every subject you do, you’ll have to write essays and, no matter what subject you choose, it’s pretty likely that having done a Philosophy A Level will give you a paragraph to write if you’re running low on ideas. Off of the top of my head, I can think of the following university courses which Philosophy would link into: English Literature, Creative Writing, English Language, Music, Drama, Art, Religion and, of course, Philosophy.
But that’s just the immediate benefit of choosing it. Doing Philosophy will make you think of things you had never considered before (no, not just questions like “Where did the world come from?”) such as Why are humans moral? How do we know we can trust our senses? Why do we like art? How’s best for a government to rule? Do we have free will? Perhaps you think the answers to some of these are easy, well if you did Philosophy you’d find that they’re infinitely complex and have equally compelling arguments in every direction. I believe you should definitely do Philosophy, it’s the subject that you ‘learn’ the most in.

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