Picking Up Where You Left Off

In the past, some people have said that one of my best qualities was the fact that I can go a long time without seeing somebody, but then immediately pick up where I left off with them and it’s like we haven’t been separated at all when we do next meet. I like that people appreciate this about me, but I’d also argue that this is not a quality of my own, but just something people find easy to do once their friendship reaches a certain level. It’s not any effort to easily resume for me, because that’s what it feels natural to do and there are certain people for whom it would never feel unnatural to do this with.

It’s like watching a TV show you love but haven’t seen in years, resuming an old favourite video game or coming back to a familiar place. It’s always going to be very comfortable and I am exceedingly fortunate to have several people in my life with whom this is quite possible. I think you eventually reach a point where you couldn’t not care about somebody (if you’ll forgive the use of a double negative.) Once you’ve been through a certain amount with somebody, it’s impossible to turn back and no matter what you do, you won’t ever forget about them and meeting them will always be a delight.

Having been reunited with a good friend after a sad absence of one year today, I was feeling especially appreciative of this fact.

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