In recent times, I have started to take an evening run after my evening walk. What I quite like about this is that it makes me all tired by the time I get into bed and helps me sleep much easier. It’s also nice to run around freely in the middle of the night – not only is everything peaceful and nice, but there are less people to avoid as well. This was something that always put me off the idea of running in the past – having to swerve around all the people who are just going about their days as usual.

Unfortunately, this plan wasn’t as foolproof as I thought it was. The other night I was merrily running along and I could see a man standing near the path not too far away and I could tell I’d end up going right passed him. Now, this shouldn’t really have been any kind of issue, but as you can tell by the fact that I’m writing about it in this blog, it is going to turn out to have been an issue.

As I approached him, he suddenly shouted, in possibly the loudest possible human voice “Stop!” as he stared right at me. I looked at him, I looked around, then I looked back at him and shrugged in a sort of “what are you talking about?” sort of way, but since I was running I was out of breath and not really able to articulate anything.

I thought that it was strange, but carried on my way. Then he shouted again. And again. He just wouldn’t stop. Even as I got quite far away, I could still just about hear his crazy shouting voice in the distance. Always just a single word “stop!”

So what does all of this mean? What’s the point of this story? I have no idea. It’s just a random thing which happened to me as part of the random and structure-less chain of events that make up my life.

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