Post-Yuletide Depression (TWAC Day 14)

_One of the most common criticisms I see of Christmas is that it’s built up for so long (from as early as August for certain shops) and then when it finally arrives it never lives up to the hype. Therefore, people are always really excited about Christmas, but then kind of fed up after it. To use an analogy, it’s kind of like how everybody tells you that going out to nightclubs is really, really good and so in your mind it’s more fun than anything can possibly be, and then you actually go and it just turns out the be a horrible cramped sewer full of nymphomaniacs. But I digress…
Anywho, I would like to argue that Christmas actually does live up to all of the hype and that you’re fed up after Christmas for an entirely different reason. Here’s the best way I can explain it: Imagine you have a really cool best friend, you really like them (obviously, why else would they be your best friend?) they really like you, you’ve have known them for years and just generally enjoy being around them as often as possible. However, this little hypothetical situation is about to take a rather sad turn, either you, or your best friend, suddenly has to move far away, so you obviously can’t see each other anymore (unless you count talking online as seeing somebody, which I don’t, because it is quite bad in comparison to real life interaction). This separation hasn’t totally ended your best-friendship though! You can still just about manage to see each other for one day a year. Now, in this situation I imagine that around one month or possibly even two months, before your reunion, you’ll probably be very excited for that day indeed. You’d be more excited to meet them again then you would be for Christmas coming. But then, after you’ve spent a super fun wickedsick day together with them, you’re bound to be at least a little unhappy when it’s all over. I can’t imagine you’d say that because you’ve ‘over-hyped’ how good it would be to see your old friend again would you? You’re unhappy because this almost perfect event has come to an end and didn’t seem to last quite long enough, you’re unhappy because the thing was just as good as everybody said it would be and you imagined it’d be.

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