Top 5 Video Games to Get You into the Christmas Spirit (TWAC Day 13)

_ One thing that can be occasionally fun to do (in moderation) is to play video games. Around the Christmas season I imagine that you have a lot of free time on your hands (well, that’s assuming you bought your presents on time!) so here are a few games that’re particularly good to play around Christmastime.

5. Super Mario Galaxy
I’m not entirely sure why this game makes me feel festive, but still, it does. It could be down to the fact that the soundtrack for the game is wholly orchestral, or it might be because of the vibrant cold feeling landscapes in space that you’re strolling through, but either way, this game gets me in the Christmas spirit, and it might do the same for you. It especially helps if you choose one of the wintry levels: you can stand in a vast snowy landscape while snow slowly falls around you and chilling music plays! You can even turn into ice and skate around on the surface of lakes because the water freezes under your feet, it’s awesome!


4. Scribblenauts
Now this is a game where you write in the name of an object/thing and then it immediately spawns beside you, able to be used however you like. This means that you are able to create a lovely Christmas scene; you could perhaps go to the North Pole summon up Father Christmas and the reindeers, have a snowman and Christmas tree, whatever you need for the perfect yuletide feeling… Only to then summon Cthulhu and have him destroy everything and kill everyone. Plus, on top of that, you also have a number of festive missions that you have to do throughout the duration of the game.


3. Diddy Kong Racing
And now we move on to a game by one of the greatest game makers of all time: Rareware! Diddy Kong Racing is a nice little racing game featuring all of your favourite video game animals: Diddy Kong, Banjo the Bear, Conker the Squirrel, Tiptup the Turtle etc. But, aside from being a generally fun game, there are several winter themed race courses which feature some lovely festive music. You can race through a silent snow covered village in the middle of the night (complete with Christmas lights on display!) or even fly over a snow filled gorge and through an icy cave. Excellent for achieving the Christmassy feeling and what makes this one an even better choice is that you can play with up to four players at once!


2. Animal Crossing
There are four Animal Crossing games out at the moment (with a fifth being worked on) but for number two I’m really referring to any of the four as they’re all very similar. Anyway, if you play your Animal Crossing game around Christmas time you’ll be pleasantly surprised that the whole world of the game is covered in snow! But that’s only the start of the festivities, now you’ll find that several trees will have been decorated with Christmas lights, you can buy Christmas trees from the local shop, and if you play at night, you can walk through the snowy fields while the snow crunches under your feet and shooting stars fall overhead. It’s lovely!


1. Banjo-Kazooie
I’m not going to hide the fact that this is one of my favourite games, and coincidentally, it also happens to have been made by Rareware.  While this game in general is not overtly Christmassy, there is one particular level, called Freezeezy Peak, which captures the feeling perfectly. The whole level is a large snow covered world, you’ll find lakes that’re too cold to go in, making you shiver, snow men who through snow balls at you, a snow covered village, a polar bear family who want you to help find their Christmas presents, toboggan races, giant Christmas trees that need their lights switching on, ice cube people, walruses and everything else you’d expect in a Christmas level! It’s just magical.

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