Results Day

I’m sure many of my blog readers are rather anxious about results day tomorrow, especially those who are waiting for their A Level results, but also obviously those waiting for GCSE and AS results. Personally, I would prefer to have your results emailed to you as soon as they were ready, then there would be no anxiety because it’d just be a random day and your results could come at any time. Sure, people would still want to do well and be disappointed and everything if they didn’t, but if you were just randomly emailed there wouldn’t be the building climax of having to go to school and collect them (I’m sure some people will have difficulty sleeping tonight). I mean, it’s kind of like if you knew how and when you were going to die (without being able to change it) you’d be very fearful as that day got closer and closer, I’m sure most people would rather not know when they’d die. The same is true of results day, I’m sure most people would be happier if the results were just randomly emailed at some point during the summer (though I don’t know, I could be wrong).
    Anyway, I’m sure you’d like to be comforted (if you are worried about it) and that is just what I’m writing this blog entry. Think ahead to the future say, ten years from now (or even five) and sure you’ll have a pretty happy life and I’m pretty certain that this results day will seem pretty insignificant to you, just as (for A Level students) your GCSE results day does now. Also, try thinking to yourself now that you definitely have all Es (pretty bad by most standards I’m sure, sorry to offend anyone if they’re actually aiming to get some Es) and plan on from that. Make lots of plans assuming the very worst has happened, because if you always assume something terrible will happened then, when something bad but not as bad happens, you’ll be happy even though something bad happened!
    I hope that helped a little, though I’m sure it didn’t. All I can say is good luck; I hope you all did very well.
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