So today was A Level results day, I’m sure the majority of those of you who were worried have now realised you had no reason to be. However, a lot of people are natural worriers and so I’m sure there presently happy mind will soon be anxious about something else and, as next year is 2012, I wouldn’t be surprised if some people are worried about the end of the world.
    Now, before you assume that today’s entry will be about the 2012 predictions, I want to tell you that you’re wrong. Though I will quickly say that those theories have pretty much no grounding, but I’ll write an entry debunking them at a later time, maybe on December 20th 2012.
    Instead, today’s entry is about a very old way of predicting when the apocalypse would come and I’m sure if you did it, you’d find it was not 2012. In the past (I forget when this theory was thought up) they used to believe that sperms had sperms which had sperms, which had sperms… and so on. So they realised that if you found the level of sperms that didn’t have any more sperms then you’d have found he generation that’ll be living in the End Times! Because why would God need there to be any more children being born when he’s about to have Judgement Day? So I’m sure that if you start investigating how far the sperms of sperms of sperms chain goes, you’ll be able to find how many generations there are until the apocalypse, I’m sure you’ll find it’s not 2012 😉
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