Return to the Clubs Part 2

(Part 1)

I’m sure you’ve all been full of anticipation wanting to know how I got out of the sticky situation I was left in at the end of my last entry (that’s sarcasm, by the way) so here for you now is the thrilling conclusion.
    Despite having no change, I wandered into the bathroom with the man who needed to be tipped and I was pleasantly surprised to find that he wasn’t in there. I did the usual thing that people do in bathrooms and then went over to the sink to wash my hands. When I came out of the cubicle I found Mike Wing washing his own hands. When he realised me he began to compliment me on my ‘amazing’ (to use his words) drinking skills. I then explained that I can drink a lot of anything due to the large amount of water I drink (I can down a two liter bottle of water, so…). However, Mike’s polite compliments (which reached their climax when he said “You know what, I love you Randall!” which was very kind I though) suddenly changed to a much more disturbing subject when he asked whether I would like to compare my chest with him. He started undoing the top buttons of my shirt before I grabbed his arm and pointed out to him that people could easily get the wrong idea if they saw him undressing me in the bathroom. Once he realised this he thanked me and stopped.
    When we had finished in the bathroom, I walked back to the table where the people I know where sitting and began to socialise. Meanwhile, Mike walked back to the bar in order to get some new drinks for himself. At this point I checked my wallet and noticed that I was running rather dangerously low on cash (especially so, since I’d be getting a taxi home) so I walked up to Mike and asked him where the nearest cash machine was. Mike told me that we would all soon be leaving Revs and heading somewhere else and that he would lead me to a cash machine when everybody left.
    Unfortunately, there was a small dispute between my little circle of friends, some of them wanting to go to one place and the rest of them wanting to go elsewhere. Mike and I successfully managed to find a cash machine and with a group of a few others we went on to a small bar we had never heard of before.
    My memory is a little hazy after this, but shortly after, I’m not sure how, Mike and I were wandering along by ourselves, Mike then had the clever idea of calling Milo (whose birthday was the reason we were there) and asking him where he and everybody else was. It turned out that they were all in a very poorly named place which caused a great deal of misunderstanding for the pair of us, it was almost like a scene from a, slightly, cheesy sitcom.
    “Alright Milo, where are you?” Mike asked, on the phone.
    There was a pause when Milo would have replied.
    “Huh what?” said Mike.
    “What’d he say?” I asked.
    “He said they’d gone back to his house or something…”
    “Back to Box? Seems unlikely, let me talk to him,” I said, so Mike handed me the phone. “Hello Milo, it’s Adam speaking now, where are you? Oh right,” I looked at Mike, “he said he wants me to hand the phone back to you.”
    “So where are you then?” asked Mike. Shortly after Mike hung up the phone. “Well apparently he’s in a bar not far from us…” he said.
    The two of us then wandered around for a little while and then found a bar called ‘Back to Mine’… So terribly named that I had assumed both that he said meant back to his house and also that he had wanted me to hand the phone back over to Mike.
    Once inside, I sat and socialised for a little while before deciding to go onto the dance floor. While on there, I made a new friend when some guy started dancing with me. However, shortly after I told Mike about this and he told me the guy was probably not looking for friendship… Then, when I returned to the dance floor, a female began dancing with me. After a short while of dancing along with her she raised her hands up towards me, I could only assume that she wanted me to give her ten (that’s a high five with each hand simultaneously for those unaware) and so that’s exactly what I did. She found it a little odd. I was pretty happy that the people in this place had been quite unlike the grabby people in the club I had been to the time before.
    And so this brings my night to an end. I shortly after found a lift home for myself and Elliott Egan (I had to ensure he came too because he usually dies when he’s left alone and drunk in the streets) and before long had returned home. I hadn’t noticed any effect of the alcohol on me, but once I got home I felt incredibly dizzy and so quickly drifted off to sleep.

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