I’m sure some of you may remember that in February I wrote an entry called Single People Day where I wrote nice things about my wonderful single friends Naomi, Egan, Dalfino, Mairi, George and David. Now, originally there was an extra thing about another friend of mine, but, due to a small misunderstanding it was deleted. I thought it was gone for good, but I recently found it saved somewhere else! As such, I decided to share it with you, just so that they didn’t miss out. I cannot tell you my friend’s name, but I am able to write their internet name ‘Rhinowater’ (named after his favourite animal and favourite element):

The brother of a friend of mine, and my newest internet friend. While I have never had the pleasure of meeting him in real life, I’ve had lots of enjoyable chats with him by using Skype, and also a very brief chat on the phone. He’s made several of his own top 10 lists relating to video games and I always enjoy hearing them from him, but, most impressively, he has a long and exciting fantasy story planned out in his head which I find very fun to learn about! If I’m ever bored, and he comes online, he’ll always be able to entertain me with those lists or his story.

I suppose I can also add now, that what with the various other people I chat with online being rather busy with university work and whatnot, that he has become’main’ person I chat with these days. Almost every single day I can depend on him for a nice enjoyable conversation!

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