Be Nice

I decided I would write a blog entry about niceness as it seems to me that it is virtue which is rather undervalued. How often do you hear somebody say (about somebody else) “Yeah, they’re nice, but…”? My question is: but what?
    I find that a lot of people view niceness as a bonus, but tend to like people if they’re intelligent, funny or any other additional things that are generally valued more highly. But this seems silly to me, from my point of view, niceness is the most important of all virtues. I don’t need the people I like to be funny, intelligent, outgoing, loud or any of the rest of that kind of thing, I just need people to be nice, and the more nice somebody is, the more I will like them. I mean, why do any of the other qualities I mentioned even matter to people? Niceness is important as it is a sign that a person can be depended upon, no other virtue really has that upside. Although, I will say that intelligent people do tend, in my experience, to be nicer, but, to counter that, many intelligent people can be arrogant and rude, and some unintelligent people can be very nice indeed.
    Sorry, this blog entry may be a bit short (and lacking a point) but I just thought I’d raise something which I don’t understand about a lot of people. Why is niceness (the thing which is most important to me) not valued as highly by others?
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