Richard and Falon

_ Recently, I’ve decided to take a risk and use the website Omegle again. Initially I was rather cautious, my previous visits had all lead to rather unpleasant occurrences, so for some time I’d avoided going back. But, a couple of weeks ago, I returned to this website, and I must say, it seems to be a somewhat reformed community. I’ll admit, I did bump into a couple of rather… ‘explicit’ people, but I won’t bother writing that up here because I’ve already written about some of my Omegle misadventures in the past and this would be more of the same. What I am going to tell you about though are two very nice people I met on there, one named Richard, another named Falon.
    Richard (a man aged either 28 or 34… I have both numbers floating around in my memory, but both of them may be wrong) spoke to me for quite a while indeed. He told me about his job and his life and kindly gave me some advice, based on his experiences at my age. Turns out he also happened to like Doctor Who, which is always a nice conversation topic. What was specifically noteworthy about Richard is the fact that he’s a male on Omegle who wasn’t secretly some weirdo searching for unsuspecting teenage girls.
    On the subject of teenage girls, we come to Falon, a 13 year-old girl who I also spoke to for quite a while. It was very interesting to talk to her actually, because she was the daughter of a man who had a job in the army and so had lived in many places across the world. It was very interesting to learn about her life, which was vastly different from my own. I guess she also proves that travel does broaden the mind, because she seemed to be rather intelligent for a 13 year-old.
    But yes, I thought I’d just tell you about Richard and Falon to show that the internet isn’t only full of crazy perverts. Also, I just realised, I gave each of them a link to my blog… I wonder if they still read it now? If either of you are, please leave a comment 😀

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