Valentine’s Day

I must say, I don’t care all that much for Valentine’s Day. I do like the idea of a day that encourages people to confess their secret feelings to the ones they have romantic inclinations towards, that means lots of new, happy and, potentially, long lasting relationship. However, Valentine’s Day seems to be less about that and more about celebrating if you’re already in a happy relationship.
    Let’s try the same idea on different things: Good Health Day: a day where you celebrate the fact that you have good health and give cards to others who are in good health. I can’t imagine this would be very popular with people with terminal illnesses. Family Day: A day where you celebrate the fact that you’re family are all together and alive. You all give each other cards too. Won’t be very popular with families who have faced tragedy. I’m Rich Day: a day where you celebrate the fact that you have a lot of money. I can’t imagine that will be very popular in today’s economic climate. All of these days are celebrations of things you have, and Valentine’s Day is the same principle; people who don’t have these things will feel sad when others are overtly celebrating the fact that they do.
    Still, I’ll use this entry to say Happy Valentine’s Day to all of my readers, especially all of you who are single. If you’re feeling sad, I’ll say that my friends I know who read this blog are very nice and shouldn’t feel bad. Have a nice day! 🙂

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