Rather than my original plan for today (which was originally what was going to be posted tomorrow) I’ve decided to write about the riots that have been breaking out due to that man having been unfortunately shot. I’ve heard from an unreliable source (people on Facebook) that these riots will be breaking out in Bath too. Bath is very close to me and as the majority of readers of this blog are (I’m assuming) made up of friends and possibly friends of friends there’s a slim chance that somebody reading this may be tempted to join in with those riots. If this is the case I would like to say please don’t involve yourself with it.
    These riots seem to me to be very stupid. The brother of the killed man has said he is unhappy with them so what are they achieving by doing this other than destroying things? It would have been far better if they had protested (if that’s the right term) by having a sponsored sit in outside the police station, with enough sponsors they could have raised quite a lot of money, this money could then have been given to the grieving family in order to give them a small consolation for their loss.
Riots will rarely achieve anything and honestly seem just to be an excuse for violence or looting…
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