Sweet Dreams

A few nights ago I had a really strange dream. While I had the dream, it didn’t seem strange at all, it was only when I woke up that I realised how weird it was. In the dream my life carried on as usual (for what seemed like quite a while), what made it weird was that I had a really close female best friend who, in real life, didn’t actually exist. In this dream this best friend of mine somehow got pregnant (don’t look at me, it was purely platonic, you understand) and my dream came to its climax when, due to some reason or another, she had to give birth to the baby from her own house. Then me, and a good number of all my other friends, met up at her house to see the baby.
    Then I woke up. My first thought was that I should tell my friend that I had had a strange dream that they had gotten pregnant but then I realised that they had never actually existed. This gave me a very weird feeling, in my dream I had had memories of the years I had known this person and they had been slotted perfectly into my life. I even felt a little sad when I realised that they weren’t real, but before long I had forgotten almost everything about this person including their name.
    I decided to make this into a blog entry as I hope that it is somewhat interesting to read. It shows that a human mind can create an entire person and years’ worth of memories with them all by itself. It makes you wonder, why would it do that? It also says something philosophically interesting about memories. If you, your memories and other people’s memories of you had spontaneously come into existence just yesterday how would anybody know? How can you even be sure it didn’t happen?
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