Sleeper Hold

I mentioned before that a friend of mine once randomly decided that it would be fun to tie me up, well, about a year later he had a new fun idea. One morning as I got out onto the school playground with my friends Ben and Sarah, I found that he was doing a sleeper hold (which he had recently learned) on several people I knew. When the three of us arrived, he approached us to say hello.
    “Hey, Ben. Can I try it on you?” he asked, eagerly.
    Ben, very excited, agreed. A few seconds later, Ben was in his arms, and then, after a small spasm, he was unconscious and lowered gently onto the floor. He was awake and fine again a few seconds later.
    “I guess you’ll never let me do it to you, will you, Randall?” he said.
    “Well, I suppose I don’t mind too much,” I said, not wanting to let him down.
    “Wow,” said Sarah. “I really can’t imagine it happening to you. It would just seem so weird to see you so vulnerable like that.”
    I always wondered why she said that, and at the time I said that I thought it seemed odd. I hardly seem a very powerful person! But I remembered it, because it always seemed nice.
    He wrapped his arms around my neck and started squeezing tightly. However, unlike everybody else, after a few seconds there was no spasm and I didn’t become unconscious, but he kept squeezing. He was doing it for so much longer on me, waiting for it to happen.
    “I think you’re just strangling me,” I said, but I’m not sure he could understand me because it was getting harder and harder to breathe and therefore harder and harder to speak!
    Eventually the bell rang and he gave up. I felt extremely cold after he let go, as if I had just gotten out of a warm bed and then been dumped outside, but I never once passed out. I wonder how long he’d have kept trying had the bell not rang?
    Anyway, the story all seems nice and light-hearted until we jump forward in time three years and it gains a rather more sinister twist. In the time that passed, I’d left school and Ben and Sarah were very sadly more and more becoming memories of the past. But, of course, change isn’t all bad and I was happily at a new friend‘s house and we were both sitting on the sofa having a nice chat about various things. I happened to mention the time that somebody had once tried to do a sleeper hold on me but it had failed to work.
    This quite excited her, and she was keen to try it on me herself to see if it would work. Obviously, as I was a little older, I was more reluctant, but as I had let a friend do so in the past, I felt I should let one do so in the present. I described how he had done it, and she looked it up online to see how it was done. In the end, she decided not to, because when we looked up that specific method we discovered several sites explaining that it was ‘potentially fatal’. Oh my.

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