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Something which is a real frustration for me, is the number of spam comments which get left on my blog. I’ve had around 450 left in the last couple of months. That’s several comments every single day and they’re all spam. Often they’re just random strings of letters, other times they’re simple sentence in broken English (or recycled text with the title of the post clumsily put in.) I really don’t have time to go over all of these and it’s a shame because rare, genuine comments get lost among them.

I’m surprised this kind of thing happens so much, because spam comments are so easy to spot. They provide no SEO benefit and no internet user is going to be fooled by them. I’m actually a little disappointed that WordPress cannot identify this obvious spam itself and instantly delete it. Thankfully, my site has an approval system for it’s comments, so none of these are going live, but it’s a real nuisance.  These spammers and scammers are spoiling the blogging experience for me and I am sure they are doing the same for many others too.

I used to get it a bit when I was on Weebly in the past, but it happens so much more often now that I am on WordPress. I have a feeling it might be to do with the fact that I now own a domain. If you’re planning to get a domain for your own site, keep this in mind as one of the only downsides! But don’t let it get you down, because it is very nice to own your own little space on the internet.

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