The Necessity of Alcohol

The other day, I paid a visit to the night clubs along with some of my very best friends. As it was a special occasion, I decided that I would have some alcohol. I had seven alcoholic drinks in the end and I was pretty pleased that I managed not to lose too much control over my sensibilities.

The alcohol was pretty expensive and while I don’t think it had too much effect on my mind, it did make me dizzy. While one or two of them tasted nice, I’d never have seven drinks of anything else. A part of me wondered, what’s the point? I’m a pretty confident person and I don’t worry when it comes to interacting with others. I don’t feel like alcohol improves my social abilities at all.

So I really don’t understand the necessity for alcohol at social events. I feel like far too much value is placed upon alcohol and its effects are built up far too much. Perhaps because I have always avoided using it, its social enhancing effects are lost on me – I don’t know. Either way, after drinking a lot at a recent event, I couldn’t help but think I’d have had a slightly nicer time if I didn’t have any alcohol – I’d have saved money, I wouldn’t have been at all dizzy and I wouldn’t have had to visit the bathroom a whole bunch of times. Everything else would have been the same.

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like people should depend on alcohol less.

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