SteamWorld Dig

This was an interesting looking game which I’d seen in the 3DS eshop and been curious about for some time. Recently, I finally got around to playing it and I have to say, it was quite a beautiful and enjoyable experience.

You play as a robot named Rusty who inherits a mine from his uncle in a Wild West sort of town. Then, with a trusty pick axe in hand, it’s your job to dig deeper into the mine to find out what mysteries and treasures it contains. As you collect more and more valuable gems from the mine, you make more money and then use this to buy more upgrades so that you can go even deeper. Rusty, for example, carries a lantern to light up the dark caves, but, of course, the oil slowly starts to run out and you can buy lantern upgrades so that you can continue to mine for longer periods of time. The deeper you get, the harder the rocks are too, so you need to get stronger pick axes to break through them – you’ll also encounter enemy robots down there and you’ll need upgrades so that you can effectively fight back against them.

The formula for the game is one that’s very addictive. There’s something almost therapeutic about digging a path through the rock – it’s a little like a 2D Minecraft in that respect, except that it has more direction that Minecraft – your goal is simply to keep digging down deeper and deeper. Plus, as addictive as the gameplay is, that’s only half of the appeal. I think what made me enjoy this game even more was the fact that it had such a beautiful atmosphere. The game has a superb soundtrack which is complimented by immersive, ambient sound effects. It all contributes to making you really feel the thrill of digging deep into the earth – and the things you find there won’t disappoint.

I mentioned the 3DS eshop, but that’s just one of many places that this game is available to download. It’s always pretty cheap (and is often on sale too), so if you ever come across it, I heavily recommend it to you.

Rating: 8.7/10

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