I was recently in a situation where I had to self-isolate at my brother’s house. Of course, I was happy to do it, but it was unfortunate as the news came just before I’d been planning to head down to the local supermarket in order to stock up on food – my resources were low. As it happens, the next few days were fine – we survived on big takeaway orders and had a supermarket home delivery in no time.

But anyway, one morning, after the news of having to self-isolate, the doorbell rang. I was in bed at the time and, since it was my brother’s house, thought it would be for him anyway. I started to drift back into sleep, when it rang again. My brother obviously hadn’t heard, so I thought I better go and answer it myself. I drowsily came down the stairs and opened the door. Nobody was there, but there was a box of food waiting on the ground.

“I’ve just dropped some food off for you,” said someone who was out of sight.

“Oh, thank you,” I said and brought it in, too tired to ask questions. I assumed that a friend of my brother’s or a friend of the family had decided to deliver some food to us after hearing of our dilemma.

I thought I’d leave the box in the kitchen and then go back to bed for a bit, but then I realised that it had quite a lot of frozen meat in it. I supposed that the only option was to put it all in the freezer before going back up to my bed. Slowly, I took the food out and started putting it away. Just as I’d finished and was about to go back up to my bed, the door bell rang again.

I walked back to the front door and opened it – it turns out it was the same person who had knocked earlier.

“Sorry,” she said, “I got the wrong house. Can you give me the box of food back, please?”

So, with that, I had to take the food back out of the freezer and return it to the stranger at the door. Alas.

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