PictureTetris for the original Game Boy, is something which is really very enjoyable indeed. I’m sure everybody knows the timeless gameplay of slowly rotating the tetriminos as they gracefully fall to the ground, and hoping to get them in a straight line so that they can graciously fade from existence. But that’s not the only appeal of this game.

But of course, saying all that, it’s only something which will persuade you to buy a Tetris game, as opposed to THIS Tetris game. Well, let me just list off all of the things which make this incarnation of the beautiful puzzle game the one which you should buy:

  • The 8-bit Tetris Theme A is amazing and very catchy too.
  • There are a large number of variables to the general Tetris gameplay, but none of them alter it too much. You can merely increase the pieces’ speed of decent or the height that you start at.
  • The game is not made too easy by additions such as the ‘hold’ function found in later instalments.
  • A simple background of white behind the pieces, no unrelated pictures of animals (which some later games have) to distract you.
  • Very basic three button controls.
  • This is the version which would most probably be called the definitive Tetris.
  • Also, very easy to get hold of cheaply.

Trust me; it’s worth your money! While not as enthralling as a game with a large expansive world or deep storyline, I play Tetris very often indeed, so I would rate it at 9.4/10

Buy it here.

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