The Beatles Rock Band


This is a game which, I imagine, would be enjoyed by any fan of The Beatles. Basically, what you do, is you play their songs on a guitar or drum controller, or sing them into a microphone like karaoke. This is very fun, though there is the slight downside that these controllers are quite costy.
    Anyway, you can play the game in two ways: you can either go through the story mode, which basically takes you through The Beatles career in chronological order and giving you unlockable photographs accompanied with interesting facts for each song you perform well. Also, while you play the songs, you’re given nice animated videos of The Beatles performing the songs too. These videos are particularly interesting when you play the more peculiar songs, such as I Am The Walrus, which feature dream-like montages of odd and interesting things.
    The other mode of playing, basically just allows you to choose which song you play, the difficulty level and whether or not you want to play alone with friends. This is the place where you’ll try and beat your highscores and do well on the super hard difficulties. You’ll also be playing in this mode after you finish the story, which won’t take too long (not that it’s too short).
    What I think is a little disappointing, is the fact that there are only forty-five songs built into the disk. There are lots of classic Beatles songs included amongst the forty-five, but it’s inevitable that any Beatles fan will have at least one favourite missing. You can increase the number of songs, by visiting the game’s virtual shop (where you spend real money), it’s somewhat annoying that you have to pay even more to get the songs though. Plus, even buying every song in the shop won’t give you the full Beatles catalogue. A further downside, for you Rock Band fans, is that this game is not compatible with the other games in the series, unlike others, which can play the songs of other games, and vice versa.
    Nonetheless, this is a very fun standalone game. I’d rate it at 8.3/10

(I do not own the copyright of the screenshot.)
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