The Art of Conversation

You know, for some people, it can be quite difficult to hold a conversation with others, especially if they don’t know the other person. This can lead to feelings of awkwardness, anxiety and sadness as well as making the person not really want to engage people in conversation very often. So, for today’s blog post I wanted to write about a handy tip which will help if you have any trouble of this kind.
    The trick is just to use a lot of words. If somebody says something and ‘That’s nice,’ will be an appropriate reply, don’t say that, instead say “Oh my! That sounds lovely. What an especially pleasant surprise that must have been for you” because it actually takes a lot longer to say. It works with anything. It’s also a skill that anybody who has written an essay before will have had past experience with: I’m sure everybody’s filled a whole paragraph with information about something which only required a single sentence.
    In fact, to give you a perfect example: this entire blog post could have just said “If you find it hard to talk to people, just use more words” but I managed to pan it out to this 220 word entry because I’m just so skilled at talking at great length about nothing at all.

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