Yo-yo Teacher

Back in 2012 I was just a regular person who couldn’t use a yo-yo. I had always wanted to have a yo-yo and to know how to use one, but, whenever I got my hands on one, I was terrible at it. While I never stopped wanting to have my own yo-yo and to learn how to use it, I had begun to think that, maybe, I’d never be able to.
    But this all changed in the December of that year when I had a very lovely ‘Christmas’ day (I put that in quotation marks because it was actually a week or so before Christmas) with my friend Tülin. Among very many other nice things, one thing we did was pop into a toy shop and pick out a rather attractive green yo-yo (this was a Christmas present for me) which she then taught me how to use. I was extremely surprised (and extremely happy) when I found that I was able to use the yo-yo very easily and since then I always have it with me. Not only is yo-ing an extremely therapeutic action, it is also very fun.
    The years went by and that lovely green yo-yo broke (of course I didn’t throw it out though, it remains in my ‘special items’ tin) and so Tülin replaced it was a very attractive red yo-yo (which actually seems a bit sturdier). She’s gone now (moved far away) but, of course, I still have the yo-yo.
    Just the other day, I found myself heading out to meet my good friends Oscar, Chloe and Sophie and I brought my yo-yo along as well. This was a very pleasant surprise because I don’t get to see them enormously regularly and so I was very happy about getting the chance to do so. It just so happened that on that day I decided to yo the yo-yo while I was walking along with them and when we got into a very nice jazz bar, I was spending a few minutes untangling it. As soon as I had just sorted it out, Sophie took it from me.
    “I’ve never used one of these,” she said.
    “Well, don’t worry!” I said. “They’re very easy to use.”
    Sophie let go of the yo-yo and down it went, she moved her hand upward, but the yo-yo itself did not come back. That was exactly what happened to me before I was taught! She did it again and the same thing happened.
    “It doesn’t come back up,” she said sadly.
    “Hang on, give it to me for a second,” I said as I took it back. “Do it like this.”
    I was a little foolhardy there, because there wasn’t much room to be playing with a yo-yo and when it came back up I got very worried for a second that it was going to smash some glasses.
    “Phew! I thought I was going to smash those glasses. I better not do it again, but try and move your wrist like this.”
    I gave Sophie the yo-yo again and this time she was a success! She only managed to do it once, but she was still quite pleased.
    “Very good! You can always remember that as the happiest moment of your life,” I said, and smiled.
    And I was certainly very pleased. Not only was I seeing my friends for the first time in a while, but by teaching Sophie to use the yo-yo (albeit briefly) the events of that night are now directly linked to the events of the night nearly two years before, because without being given the yo-yo and taught myself, I’d never have been able to then teach Sophie how to do it! I love things being connected like that.
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