The Art of Short Blog Posts

There are some bloggers out there who seem to be able to write a few short  words for a blog and still say something substantial. Just twenty or so and that would be it. It’s times like these, when it’s very late and I want to go to bed but haven’t yet update this blog, that I wish I were one of them. You have to admire the fact that some people can do it: being able convey something when you’re very limited like that is a clear reflection of somebody having full mastery of the English Language. A friend of mine does it occasionally and I have an immense respect for them. I know, from an SEO perspective that it’s always best to have over a certain number of words in a blog post. Does this make me feel better about my situation? No it doesn’t because art is more important than SEO and also because even my longer shorter posts aren’t long enough for search algorithms. Oh well. At least I can say that I tried.

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