The Beatles

I’ve decided that I’ll use my entry for today to talk about my favourite band which, as I’m sure you can gather from the title, is The Beatles. Now, I may be wrong, but I’m fairly sure everybody likes at least one song by them. If you’re going to try and insist otherwise, perhaps you’re forgetting a song by them: I am the Walrus? Hey Jude? I Want to Hold Your Hand? All You Need is Love? You must like one of them!
    The reason, I think, that The Beatles are so good is down to the vast variety of styles in their songs. Perhaps you want a sad kind of song, then you listen to While My Guitar Gently Weeps, or a happy one, then you listen to Here Comes the Sun, or perhaps you’re a crazy person who likes weird avant-garde stuff, then you can listen to Revolution 9.
    Plus, aside from some of their earlier music, The Beatles do have a very particular style that encompasses all of their songs; the ‘sound’ of their music is very unique. Partly and this even includes the earliest things, I think this is down to the Liverpudlian accents, something not very often heard in music.
    But, other than just mindlessly praising The Beatles, I’ll use this entry so that I can tell you about some of their really good but lesser known songs. I won’t give you links, as I don’t think I legally can, but search for What’s the New Mary Jane, Not Guilty or Free as a Bird, I’m sure you’ll like at least one!
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