The Homecoming by Earl Hamner Jr. (TWAC Day 8)

The HomecomingAnother suggestion for Christmastime reading today! You may remember that, about a month ago, I wrote a review of the novel Spencer’s Mountain by Earl Hamner Jr. (which happens to be my favourite book), The Homecoming is a sequel to that book… Or at least, I think it is. Some things in it seem to suggest (to me) that it takes place after the events of the first novel, while others seem to suggest that it is, in fact, a prequel. But whether it is a prequel or a sequel is not important, what is important is that this is an enjoyable Christmas read.

Clay Spenser is supposed to be home on Christmas Eve afternoon so that he can be spending Christmas day with his family, however as time passes by and the weather gets worse and worse, Clay doesn’t seem to be coming home… As such, Olivia (his wife) sends their son Clay-Boy out to find him while she stays at home and tends to his many brothers and sisters. That’s the general premise of the book, a very simple one too, but still one which makes a very enjoyable read! Also, I think I should add, as Hamner says at the start of the novel, that this is very loosely based on true events.

As Clay-Boy travels around his hometown, we meets a variety of different characters all of whom are easily imaginable and loveable! As a little side note, many of these characters would later be seen in the TV series The Waltons which started with a movie length adaptation of The Homecoming.

It’s a very nice read and would be especially enjoyable if read in the lead up to Christmas! Hamner’s writing style is one which is very easy to get into, and the fact that this is also quite a short novel means that this would be a nice bit of light reading for anybody!

Basically, this book is a joy! 9/10

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