The Immortality of the Human Race

People often talk about how humans will eventually no longer exist and that reality will eventually just become an empty black void, thus making everything we do in life meaningless (or if you want to put an optimistic spin on it, we’re incredibly lucky to exist at all thanks to the brief window of time in which life can exist within the universe being just that.)
    I think that, actually, this would have been an inevitability (assuming that religions featuring an ‘end time’ are wrong) as the Earth and the Sun will not be here forever (nothing will). But another thing that is often talked about, as something which is just around the corner (in regards to technological development), is the ability to upload human minds onto computers and have them existing in some kind of cyber space, never ageing or dying. But surely this cyberspace world will exist forever? Thing such as radio waves will exist forever and continue to float around long after everything in the universe has ceased to exist. I don’t exactly have a very in depth knowledge of the science and technology behind this cyberspace which has been said to someday exist, but surely it would be similar to that? So, after it is created, many people will be ‘uploaded’ into cyberspace and be able to live there forever (overpopulation and such being impossible). Then, once the final star in the universe has gone  supernova, this cyberspace will become the primary place of existence for the human race (probably even sooner than that, as habitable planets and actual life will probably be gone long before the last star has gone). As this place would be unending, then humans would live there forever, having achieved immortality for themselves…
    Now, I don’t actually know how credible the whole cyberspace afterlife concept is (perhaps it is, and will always remain, theoretical), but if it is, indeed, achievable, then surely people need not worry about the end of all things.
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