The Latest Crazy Scheme of the Government

Recently the idea of banning gay people kissing each other on television before 9 p.m. has been bubbling away in the minds of the government. Apparently this is more ‘sexually suggestive’ than heterosexuals kissing one another, but, thinking about it, this is the opposite of true. Now, this may sounds a little offensive, but I hope it doesn’t: the majority of people will not be homosexual, if they were the population would be much smaller. There are still a significant number of people who are gay, obviously, but I’m pretty certain it is nowhere near as close as the number of people who aren’t. So imagine two scenarios, in one a child selected at random (and due to numbers they will most likely be heterosexual) sees a homosexual couple kissing one another, and in another situation a different random child sees a heterosexual couple kissing.
    Now because, as I said, there will be more people who are heterosexual than homosexual, more children will see the heterosexual kiss and think “Oh wow, that looks like a fun thing to do, maybe I should try it on that member of the opposite gender I like” than any who would see the homosexual kiss and think the same thing (except with ‘member of the same gender’ instead of ‘member of the opposite gender’). This is also assuming that the young child already knows thier sexuality, in actuality children probably will not know their sexual preference before around the age of fifteen, and most younger children (who would later turn out to be gay) will just think that they like females because heterosexuals are more abundant and will be seen most often by the child. So logically this plan fails.
    This plan also fails morally, there’s quite a double standard in claiming that homosexual kissing is sexually suggestive but that heterosexual kissing is not. If it happened, it would be a clear step-back. Assuming there is anything wrong with gay kissing but not with hetero kissing is a very bad assumption. Then maybe ten years along the lines people will think “Hmm, gay kissing, that’s not allowed on television until late, why’s it allowed in public at all hours?” and slowly snowball down that hill of immorality.
    I realise it is unlikely that this crazy law will come to anything, but I think it needs to be pointed out just how stupid the idea is.

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