The Secret of Chocolate

I was talking to my Mum, I think it was almost exactly two years ago, and she said something that, initially, seemed crazy, but actually is really very true. For some reason or another we were talking about chocolate at the time and she mentioned that, rather than eating chocolate normally, she sucked on it. I thought it sounded crazy, and I said that I thought it sounded crazy, and then forgot about it for the next few days.  
    Then, a little while later, I went to get myself a chocolate bar for a snack and, just before I ate it, I remembered what my Mum had said about sucking chocolate. I realised I couldn’t really criticise something I didn’t fully understand or hadn’t tried, so I decided I would eat the chocolate bar by sucking on each part that I bit off. Originally my thought process had been this: you eat chocolate when you’re hungry, chewing something means you get satisfaction out of it faster than sucking it, therefore chewing is better. I was wrong. First the chocolate sits on your tongue, slowly feeding you its delicious taste. Before long it will have totally melted, the liquid chocolate being spread out across all the inside of your mouth. Delicious goo covering every inch of your tooth filled orifice. It takes about a minute or two for the chocolate to melt, which is probably the length of time that it would take you to eat a chocolate bar the regular chewing way.
    Now, this is better for some many reasons. Firstly, as each part you bite off melts it releases, in small doses, the nice sweet taste that everybody loves about chocolate. But as it’s in your mouth for so long, and slowly melting too, when it’s time to finally swallow to melted chocolate in your mouth it’s as if you’ve reached a great taste-based climax, whereas with chewing it, it just goes almost instantly with no real pleasure. Secondly, while eating chocolate this way is obviously worse for your teeth than eating it normally, I’m quite sure that eating it like this is actually healthier. Normally people just chomp down food and it’s gone instantly. It takes about ten minutes for the feeling of being ‘full’ actually kicks in, so after chomping down one chocolate bar, people might think they’re still hungry and just eat another one. In fact, you can use this method to reduce the amount of chocolate you eat by quite a lot. This April, at my birthday, two of my friends kindly bought me slabs of chocolate; I saved these slabs and sucked down one square a day, making them last a couple of months. For that whole time I was only eating one small square of chocolate a day but, thanks to the sucking method, it was just as good as a large amount! So people wanting to lose weight should consider sucking on their chocolate as it is, I think, a very good strategy.
    So I don’t know how my Mum thought up the idea of sucking chocolate, but it’s a very good one, and everybody needs to know! In fact, while writing this, I was inspired to go and get a small chocolate bar to eat. Why don’t you do the same?
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