The Time of Your Life

Years ago, when I went to Corsham Regis Primary School, I remember being told very often by teachers and MDSAs that I was living the best years of my life. At the time, I was rather surprised, not because I was being overly pessimistic, but because I just assumed life would get better. Sure, life was nice, but I imagined it getting much better as I got older. Before long, the time came for me to leave Regis and so, of course, a big celebration assembly was arranged for me and all the other students in my year. We were all told to pick two cherished memories of Regis to say on stage. That was hard. I didn’t really have any cherished memories. In the end I just picked an arbitrary conversation I remembered having with my friend Davey four years earlier and something about getting hurt while doing rock climbing.
    From there, I went on to The Corsham School. I was still occasionally told, though not as often, that these were the best years of my life and unlike when I was at Regis, I actually started to believe it. As I aged through my teenage years, I developed into the person I am today and formed strong bonds with lots of people who I’m still in contact with today. I had so much fun, and had I been asked to give two cherished memories of my time at The Corsham School, I’d have struggled, but this time the struggle would have been narrowing it down to just two. At the end of compulsory education, there was another big leavers’ event, but I didn’t really see it as an ending, because I had two more years there in the sixth form coming up. When I got to the end of the sixth form, however, I felt rather sad. The best time of my life really was coming to an end. Each of the year’s tutor groups I had to make a presentation, and since my group wasn’t very keen, I pretty much made the entire presentation myself. People found it hilarious, “wonderfully dry” the head teacher said to me afterwards, but there was actually a lot of emotion in it. I felt rather gloomy that day, really, as I watched all of the presentations. It really felt like life would never be that good again, I’d be going somewhere away from all my beloved friends and the routine I’d be used to for seven years would be gone forever.
    Then I went to Bath Spa University (today is officially my last day as a student). I loved it there. I met several new people and I grew to love them just as I did my friends from The Corsham School. I was expecting the worst, but then that turned out to be the time of my life. I’ve never been happier than during my time at Bath Spa Univerisity. I’ve been able to work a lot on my writing and to take it in a more professional direction which has been infinitely helpful. I’ve had such close, intense friendships with several people and I feel that I’ve been enriched as a person because of it. I recently found myself walking alone around the university’s campus fairly late at night and I knew it would be one of the last times I got to be there. I felt so sad because all of the wonderful times of the past three years were running through my head and now it was over. I was feeling very emotional indeed and I wrote a few text messages to different people, trying to express the feeling, but I didn’t send any of them because I didn’t feel I could capture it in words. I slowly walked up to the bus stop and got onto the 15 bus. I love riding on the bus, but as I sat and looked out of the window, I couldn’t enjoy this bus ride because I knew it was taking me away from my fantastic time at Bath Spa University.
    But while this is an ending, it’s also a new beginning. I’m sure that in three years’ time (or however long it takes for the next change to come along) I’ll be sad that the next ‘time of my life’ is over, because life just seems to get better and better as the years go by. As life goes on, endings get harder and harder, but we mustn’t forget that each new beginning can be better than the last.

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