Why Water is my Favourite Drink

My original plan for today’s entry was to write about more of the things that happened when I was out in the clubs at Bath, but then I realised that the people involved in what I was going to write might be too embarrassed to have those things written in my blog. So my next blog entry about the clubs is postponed until I can ask people’s permission. Instead, today I’m going to write about why it is that water, above every other drink, is my favourite. A lot of people seem to find it very strange that water is my favourite, but really there are many reasons that it is better than other drinks.
Firstly, the taste of water: With something gross like Non-Diet Coke it always tastes exactly like an unhealthy sickly sweet drink. But water is different, water seems to change depending on what you have recently eaten: if you’re hungry it fills you up like a delicious snack, if you’ve just eaten chocolate, the water will taste slightly sweet, if you’ve had something very salty it’ll cool your mouth in a nice antidote kind of way. For all situations, water tastes the nicest.
Secondly, it’s lack of calories: Unlike any other drink, no matter how much water you drink you won’t get fat. I personally like to drink about four 500ml bottles of water a day at least, if I were to do this with Non-Diet Coke I would be getting about 800 extra calories a day and surely would end up fat.
Thirdly, it’s always suitable: No matter what situation you’re in, nobody minds if you have a bottle of water with you. You can’t talk to a group of people while sipping on a can of coke, or walk through the shops with a bottle of Sprite. No matter where you are, nobody questions you having a bottle of water with you.
So I hope, I have rationally argued the reasons why water is my favourite drink. Lots of people find it strange, but this blog entry makes it pretty clear.
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