Three Good Writers

Monique Berry the editor of Perspectives magazine recently alerted me to the fact that they had an open submission for stories told from the point of view of inanimate objects. I thought I may as well write something for it, and thought about it over the next day or so. I remembered after a little while that my good friend Sophie had actually written a rather nice story about a sentient couple of shoes, and so I suggested she should submit it as I’d rather enjoyed it. Sadly, she didn’t seem to think it was as good as I did, but eventually she decided to send it in anyway. It was around this time that I was also talking about it to my other good friend, Oscar Taylor-Kent and he told me that he had written a few stories from the point of view of inanimate objects, and asked whether they would reprint stories that bad been posted elsewhere. I told him no because I believed that to be true, but then later felt awful because I was wrong. Importantly, he still sent his story in in time, so Oscar, Sophie and I had all sent pieces of writing to the same place.
    And guess what? We all got published and our stories are in the issue of Perspectives that was published today! Why not go and read it? Oscar’s story is a dark comedy written from the point of view of a cactus, with a sense of humour so dry it perfectly suits the desert setting. Sophie, as I mentioned above, wrote about shoes, and it’s a whimsical tale with some rather sweet characters and it isn’t without its own dose of humour either. Oh, and I wrote a story about a photograph, or something.
    The cherry on the cake that is this happy little story is that Monique was so pleased that I had gotten two other people to submit to the magazine and that both of them were of publishing-level quality, that she’s sending us all gifts in the mail! How nice.

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