Today’s Post is About Lesbians

I found this song recently, please take a listen to it:
What did you think of the song? When I first listened to it, I thought “Hmm, what a nice song about friendship…” then along came the line “darn, I wish I was a lesbian so I could fall in love with you” and suddenly the song seemed to ‘rub me the wrong way’ as the saying goes. I mean, think about it, would any of you (my readers) really want to change sexuality so that you could have that kind of relationship with your best friend?
    The problem is, I think, that the word ‘love’ in English is used to mean too many things. You love your family, you love your friends and you also love a particular person who you want to spend as much time with as possible. But, despite using the same word, all three of these things are almost entirely different. Let me explain using diagrams, here is the Love Spectrum:


It shows clearly all the different kinds of love that there are and also names them each. Now I will use the Love Spectrum to show why the song is weird, this is what will happen if you are heterosexual and share a friendship with somebody. This is the first stage (after leaving acquaintanceship):

Then as years go by and the friendship becomes closer this will happen:

As you can see, as time goes by, the relationship stretches into the ‘frove’ section but is still quite a distance from the ‘love’ section. That woman wishing she was a lesbian with her best friend is like wishing you weren’t related to one of your siblings so you could start a Lover Love relationship with them. But I know some people will say “but best friends do fall into the Lover Love section sometimes” and it’s true, they do. But that only happens if they are of opposite genders and heterosexual, or, indeed, of the same gender and homosexual. In that case the frove stretches to love and then back to fove, covering the whole spectrum. Only when love is reached can the whole thing be covered.
    Sheesh, I started this entry thinking it was a good idea, but now I’m thinking it turned out one of my worst ones! Oh well, I hope you enjoyed the song. Also, some of you may say that I missed out sexual love, but that’s just gross and there’s no place for it in my blog. Think about it, sexual love becomes ‘Lex’ and Lex is the first name of Lex Luther (a super villain) so I guess that just proves it.
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