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I started writing regular prose in 2004, though I had been creating little picture and comic books since at least 1997. Sadly, at least 90% of my pre-2004 work is lost, which is a shame, but from around 2004 onward, what I produced was mainly only prose fiction. When it comes to art, for a long time I had an attitude of just sticking to my comfort zones because I didn’t think I’d be able to make anything worthwhile by dabbling in mediums I didn’t really know anything about. But, now, I think that I was quite wrong and that experimenting with your work can indeed be very worthwhile. I’m going to use today’s blog entry to explain how I changed my perspective.
    In May 2011, my friend Dalfino offhandedly said that he’d like me to start a blog, and so I did right away. This was a step out of my comfort zone. I was used to writing non-fiction and I didn’t know what kind of thing to write on a blog, yet three years later I’ve been happily and regularly updating this to an audience of a few hundred. Also, at around that time, my Mum kindly gave me her old camera. In the past, I’d never really had an interest in photography, yet now I enjoy taking pictures so much that I rarely go out without my camera. In July 2012, a friend of mine was feeling sad, so, I decided that a little comic strip might be the best way to cheer her up. It worked well, and I enjoyed making it so much that I’ve now been doing that regularly for the last two years. Indeed, the first story I had published was actually written as a result of me experimenting with present tense first person.
    So, if you do like to create art, stepping outside of your normal boundaries could be very helpful, even if it may feel counterproductive. In virtually every instance so far, it has been greatly beneficial to me. In future I’d love to develop my script writing, musical and visual art abilities and I’d really love to get the opportunity to work on a video game in one way or another.

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