University Stress

There are a lot of deadlines coming up on my Creative Writing course. I have over 10,000 words due next week. A lot of people seem to be very stressed about this; people tell me that they worry that they’ll not get the work done, I hear stories of people bursting into tears in the middle of classes, people say that they’re not eating or sleeping properly and it all seems very sad.
    I don’t have any of that stress at all. I’m quite confident that I’ll meet next week’s deadlines (it’s all at least 75% done anyway) throughout my whole life in education I’ve never struggled with the work, but now it seems that this is the breaking point for a lot of people, as if things have never been as hard as this before. I have to say though, that in my case, thing have never really been easier. I love the work I’m set on my course, and I’m quite happy to do it. I find that my assignments are both fun to do and also encourage me with my extracurricular projects. I love my coursework because I really feel that it helps me to develop as a writer. What is sadder than the fact that so many people seem to feel so much stress about all this, is the fact that they clearly can’t take the same pleasure from it all that I do.

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