Adam Randall is Problematic

I recently discovered a website called ‘Your Fave is Problematic’ and I didn’t really agree with it for a number of reasons. I wrote an entry not long ago about why I didn’t like it and also a Finger Puppet Show strip. Basically, what the site does is it takes famous people and lists all the reasons they are ‘problematic’, most of which are small comments which appear homophobic, racist or whatnot and I believe the whole thing is awfully judgemental. Especially considering most of these things are so small. That was all I was planning on doing on that subject, but then Oscar Taylor-Kent suggested that I make a blog post about why I am problematic as a kind of satire and since I liked the idea, I am going to do just that! Here’s a list of the things which make me problematic:

Guilty of public urination.
Posed as a woman and manipulated a man into starting a relationship with him.
Lied and gave Christmas cards to people he had no intention of giving Christmas cards to, manipulating their emotions.
Ridiculed a secondary school year book for no good reason, deeply upsetting a teacher in the process.
Exposed himself to unsuspecting victims on webcam.
Publicly shamed somebody simply because they asked him on a date.
Did nothing to prevent a child from abuse, even though it was within his power.
Broke into a school in the middle of the night.
Called somebody an ‘ogre’ just because he did not like them.
Cold and uncaring attitude to somebody who had just suffered severe injury.
Exposed himself to women at the gym.
Provoked somebody so far that they had to physically strike him.
Slut shaming.
Spied on a woman in a vulnerable state and then insulted her about it.
Funded potential drug addictions.
Trivialised knife crimes.
Stood by as an attempted robbery took place.
Lied and secretly made fools of the Corsham Running Club.
Ruined a girl’s night by throwing his wallet at her.
Implied it was shameful to be homosexual. (Twice.)
Fan of the transphobic Laci Green.
Does not approve of consensual sex between strangers. (Later changed his point of view, but, sin is eternal)
Does not believe Your Fave is Problematic is a good idea.
Stood by as street harassment took place.
Secretly watched a friend masturbate and never told them.

I think that will do. You can make a list like this of anybody so what’s the point in it? Nobody’s perfect and I think everybody knows that. Gosh. I have to say, even though I was intentionally misinterpreting what I’d written and taking it out of context, I still feel bad about how long this list is and how easy it was to make! Thank goodness I made it myself and it wasn’t actually made on Your Fave is Problematic, that would have made me very sad!

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