A couple of years ago, on a particularly nice summer’s day, I was having a day out in Bath with my friends Christian and Dalfino. We had planned to do things as follows: first, we were going to have lunch, then we were going to have a look around the town before ending the day with a nice dinner.
    We arrived and quickly found a place to have lunch. We had an outside seat at an Italian restaurant and each had a pizza. My one was especially delicious and had four kinds of cheese on it. I loved it! Of course, this was accompanied by a lovely cooling glass of Appletiser which went down just perfectly on that warm day. Once we’d finished eating, we waiting for the bill… And we waited a long time. Just before we finished eating, we noticed that the person who was waiting on us had gone home for the day, and it seems everyone else had forgotten about us. Our table was just out of view of the main desk and so, as much as we tried, we couldn’t get anyone’s attention. We also didn’t want to head directly over and ask, because we didn’t want to seem short tempered.
    Three hours later, they realised that we were done and brought us the bill. This was just in time for us to leave the restaurant and walk to another one for dinner.

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