Wet Suit

I’ll have to be a little careful with today’s anecdotes, as I’d not like to disclose too many details. It will become clear why as you read on.
    It was a sunny day and I was in a seaside town with a couple of friends when we popped into a pleasant little gift shop. It was the kind of shop that sold beach supplies as well as novelty souvenirs and I was having a nice time looking around. The previous night the three of us had gone swimming in the ocean and, at the time, I’d commented that I was half-interested in getting myself a wetsuit as it was a much less revealing form of swimwear and I don’t like wearing revealing clothes.
    There was a wet suit for sale in the shop which I was looking at. It was pretty expensive and I wasn’t actually thinking of buying it, but I was looking, nonetheless.
    “My friend here was wondering if there was anywhere that he could try on this swim suit,” said one of the people I was with to the single person working in the shop.
    “Was I?” I said.
    “Haha, yeah, he likes to joke around,” my friend continued, “do you have a changing room?”
    “Um, not really, but we’ve got a little room out the back. You can only open it from the outside, though.”
    “Oh, that’ll be fine,” my friend said. “He just wants to be sure it fits.”
    “Alright, come this way,” she said.
    I was lead to the back of the shop and she showed me the room. I arranged it with my friend so that he would open the door and let me out when I knocked to tell him I was ready. It was dark in there and I barely had any room at all to put it on, plus, it was a little bit tight. Eventually, I got it on, knocked on the door and was let out.
    “That looks like it fits,” said my friend.
    “Yeah, it looks great!” said the shop worker.
    “Well, I guess I’ll change back now,” I said.
    So I went back into the dark, tiny ‘changing room’ and started to change back into my normal clothes. Unfortunately, due to the cramped conditions, at a moment when I had inadvertently become especially exposed, I slipped and banged my head on the door. That hurt. Sadly, my friend misinterpreted this as the ‘I’m ready’ knock and opened the door, leaving me insufficient time to regain my modesty. He and the shop assistant both seemed to wonder why I’d knocked, so I had to very quickly explain the situation so he’d shut the door again. While doing so, I couldn’t help but notice my other friend sneaking out of the shop with a canoe… Revealing why they’d had me do all of that. Then, after all that, I had to explain to the shop worker that I wasn’t going to buy the wet suit and hope she wasn’t too annoyed.
    So, it’s perhaps not my proudest moment. Being an accessory to a crime and all. Ironically, had I not said on the beach, that I’d prefer a less revealing swimming costume, I’d probably not have ended up virtually nude in a public place.

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