Wasting Money

Recently, I have been quite low on money due to various reasons. Now that I can’t really afford any luxuries, it makes me look back to when I can and, in so doing, I reflect on what I think was the best way to spend money. When it comes down to it, I think that there’s no better way to spend money, than on a dinner out with friends. Sure, games and books may give me something more tangible to ‘have’ long term, but I think visiting restaurants with people is probably just about my favourite thing to do – particularly one on ones. Although, having said that, I certainly enjoy being surrounded by friends too. Yes, it may be more expensive to eat out than to eat in, but I could never view it as a waste of money. It’s the one thing I am looking forward to doing regularly once I have a proper income again – that, I suppose, and traveling to meet people (although I have not had the capacity to do that outside of the country, yet.) It’s just one of those things which I have been able to appreciate more, now that I no longer have access to it.

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