Weekly Man Eating Pie Reviews

This year, a good friend of mine set himself the challenge of writing a video game review every single week for the year. At first I thought that I’d like to go along with the challenge, but then I realised that I’d either have to start writing more blog posts or cut down on my book reviews (or other types of post.) So while I’ll be sticking to a video game review every other week, you should definitely check out my friends review blog to see what he’s been reviewing – you’re sure to find several different games covered to the ones that you’d see on my site. He’s also very funny sometimes.

Also, if you’re saying to yourself, “Hmm, A Man Eating Pie, that sure sounds familiar…” you’re right! And, also, you have a very good memory. It’s a sub-domain of the main Man Eating Pie blog which, while un-updated for a while now, is still a source of some high quality blog posts. If you’ve not read any of those, I recommend that you take a look at those as well! All my friends are good writers.

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