Around ten years ago, I started using the phrase “wickedsick.” For those who may not be entirely familiar with the meaning of that word, it’s a cool way of expressing that you are happy with something. I remember that it started as a kind of in-joke with a friend of mine – I can’t remember which of us used the word first, but I remember the friendship it grew out of.

These days I’m not really friends with that person anymore. Nothing negative, I just don’t see them and I don’t imagine that will change. Nonetheless, I still find myself occasionally using the word “wickedsick”sometimes when I’m talking with different friends – friends who I hadn’t even met when I started using the word originally. It’s not a regular part of my lexicon, but I find it popping up every now and then.

It’s interesting that though that person plays no role in my life now, they have a small legacy in the word “wickedsick.” People are so impressionable when it comes to language – we pick up words from others all the time. It’s nice to consider that you may still be with your old friends in the form of a warm or friendly word – or maybe even a not-so warm or friendly word! Either way, you’ll be helping them to express themselves and to communicate and as self-expression and communication are both very important, I think that’s a pretty nice thought.

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