Wish You Were Here

Currently, I don’t get to see much of my friends because they’ve moved away or are busy with work and so on. It’s quite sad and I miss them a lot. Lately, I always keep thinking I see people and it’s probably because I miss them.
    The other day, I thought I spotted
Tülin at a nearby Tesco’s (which is silly since she lives over six hours away and would have no reason to be there). Today I thought I saw Rory MacLellan getting off of a bus, despite the fact that he is now in Scotland, just like Mairi, who I thought I saw in Bath recently. And on the subject of buses, I thought for a moment that I saw David Tubb on a bus recently, even though he’s not at all likely to be riding on a bus. Then of course, I also thought I saw Oscar Taylor-Kent and Chloe Ward in Corsham (at different times). There are probably other examples I’m forgetting too!
    I’m sure it’s a case of me seeing what I want to see. I always only think it for a fraction of a second before realising that it is almost completely impossible. I feel a bit like a dog waiting for its owners to come back, getting extremely excited every time it hears somebody walk past because it thinks they’re finally home. It’s a bit of a silly thing, but I felt it worth writing down nonetheless!

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