Writing Priorities

The one or two of you who read every single one of my blog posts may have realised that I didn’t post anything on Monday – one of my usual update days. It’s pretty rare for me not to update, but I had a pretty good excuse.

Basically, I was writing something else. There was a period in the day that I had especially planned to be the time in which I would write the next blog post, but then just before that I quickly wanted to write something else and the thing that I wanted to write ended up being longer than expected.

As I was writing, I thought to myself “Should I stop doing this for second to go away and focus on a blog post? I don’t want to deviate from my update schedule, after all. Just look at what happened when I did that with my webcomic…” but in the end, I decided just to keep going with this other project.

As much as plans and schedules are useful for motivating writers, I don’t think we should stick to them too rigidly. I think it would have been rather foolish to stop the flow of creative energy which was spilling out for another project, just so I could do a blog post. After all, all creativity is valuable and it would be silly of me to focus on one thing over another.

So that’s why there was no blog post. I thought I’d share this inconsequential anecdote as a lesson to myself and others: follow your heart and not your rules when it comes to writing.

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