Writing Task 2

I have been given five writing tasks by my good friend David Tubb and I shall be writing one of these each day this week. These will be somewhat different to my usual entries, and so I am just writing them as well as my regular entries, rather than instead of.

Today’s task is to write about an amazing experience.

I must say that the word ‘amazing’ isn’t really one which really suits any of my cherished memories. The events which have caused me to gain the most happiness in past have generally been very small quiet moments which the word ‘amazing’ might not quite fit. As such, I have decided to take the word ‘amazing’ just to mean ‘meaningful’ or ‘significant’ and so while the following anecdote may not be easily be described as ‘amazing’ for me it still fits the criteria.
    It was hard for me to decide what to write about for this entry as there are several moments or events with friends of mine that sprung to mind instantly and it was very hard to pick one to be the subject of the entry as I would hate to feel I was valuing one over another when all of them are very significant. In the end, I decided to choose a time when I was by myself in the Wilderness at Corsham. It was a sunny day and I was lying on a hill looking out at all the scenery. I stayed there for an hour or two and didn’t do anything at all, I was very happy because I had a complete feeling of contentness. This contentness wasn’t due to everything being absolutely perfect in my life, everything was just normal as it always is, I was just so completely happy to be there enjoying nature. If I can feel so happy when I am alone, then I should never really worry about loneliness. I love all my friends, of course, and while I would like them to stay there forever, it’s an unreasonable expectation, so it’s nice to look at a moment where I was very alone but at the same time very happy.

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