Writing Task 1

I have been given five writing tasks by my good friend David Tubb and I shall be writing one of these each day this week. These will be somewhat different to my usual entries, and so I am just writing them as well as my regular entries, rather than instead of.

Today’s is for me to write about three good things that have happened in the past week.

The first is also the most recent: Today I met with my friends Dalfino Madrigal Keyte and Christian Watkins and visited a pub with them. Dalfino now goes to a university in Plymouth and so I, unfortunately, do not get to see him very regularly, though I can still chat with him using the internet. Christian is somebody else I don’t get to see too often, but, unlike Dalfino, he has a very minimal internet presence and so my communication with him is very small. So, it was very nice to see the pair of them today and Christian very kindly bought me lots of Diet Coke and even gave me a hug as I left. Dalfino also invited along my old friend Michael Woodham, somebody who I have known almost my entire life, and while I may not be as close with him as I am with Dalfino and Christian, it was still nice to see him again.
    The second is actually the day when I was given these writing tasks (Thursday). I popped  into Bath and spent the afternoon doing things with David. We popped into the toy shop, the game shop, the sweet shop, had a pizza, got some books and all other kinds of fun things. It was during this day that I discovered the mint flavour M&Ms, which I found rather tasty. At the end of my time with David, I was very kindly given these writing tasks and also got to briefly see my friend Naomi Brennan. Much later in the day, I also had a nice conversation about onions with another friend of mine (who I can’t name).
    The third event concerns another friend of mine who I am unable to name (so similar to the other friend, hey? Almost as if they were brother and sister) specifically, my friend Rhinowater who I wrote about the other day. This won’t take many words to explain, but he and I planned out the storyline for a collaborative writing project we are making together entitled Monster Village. So, that was a very nice and with that there are my three happy things of the week!

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