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Kirby’s Adventure

Kirby’s Dream Land is an excellent little Game Boy game and the one which introduced us all to Kirby. The only downside to Kirby’s Dreamland is that it’s a very short game and Kirby’s Adventure takes the building blocks of … Continue reading

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There aren’t a lot of things that I’d say were fears of mine, but I suppose if I were to identify one thing as my biggest fear, then I guess it would be the idea of growing very old and … Continue reading

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Memory Sieve

One thing I’ve noticed recently is that keeping this blog seems to have had a negative impact on my memory. In the past, many of the anecdotes I’ve written about here were things I could remember quite clearly and tell … Continue reading

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Mother 3

This is the third game in the cult Mother series and, honestly, is one of the best games ever published by Nintendo. The sad news is that it has never been officially released in English, which means that you won’t … Continue reading

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