A Pleasant Surprise

It occurred to me recently that I don’t write entries about nice things which happen to me often enough. Therefore, I have decided that each of this week’s posts will be on pleasant surprises that have made me quite happy.

On Thursday last week I had a hospital appointment, I have to go fairly often, but not for any serious reason, just to make sure that I’m doing okay and not developing certain problems. Going there on my own would have been quite boring so I invited a friend to come along so that I’d have somebody to talk to in the waiting room. We arranged a time to meet at the bus station and I waited for them. About twenty minutes passed and I assumed they’d probably not be coming and got on the bus. Even if they were coming, I couldn’t wait any longer or I’d be late. I sent a text explaining that I had already left and that they shouldn’t waste time by coming to meet me.

I turned off my phone at the hospital and waited for my appointment. I was a bit sad, really, because I had been looking forward to seeing my friend and now I was just sitting by myself and doing nothing. I was called into a few different rooms, they did a few different tests and then it was all over. Time to head home.

I was wandering out of the ward and into the hall when I felt somebody grabbing my hand from behind.


I turned around and had quite a pleasant surprise when I realised that it was my friend!.

She explained that she had been running late, that she had been in the bus station but at the opposite end, that she’d felt really bad about it and that she had come to the hospital anyway and then been able to track me down. It was quite impressive because she didn’t actually know what room I was supposed to have been in, but had determined it based on what receptionists and others had said. In a way, it’s nicer than if she had been on time because it takes more effort to track me down then it does to just come with me. We then decided to go to one of my favourite restaurant to have dinner: Nando’s!

Oh, and on the lovely bus ride to town she gave me one of the best compliments on my appearance that I’ve ever had.

“You look so pretty today, I wish I could just paint you right now.”

And if I continue to get comments like that my sun hat won’t fit when summer comes along! (“Well, that’s good because nobody could find you pretty in that sun hat anyway,” said my brother.)

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