Time Capsule

Inspired by Laci Green’s recent time capsule video I’ve decided that I want to make a time capsule blog entry. Basically, what I’m going to do is write down several questions for the me of five years from now then, on 21st March 2019, I’ll make a post where I answer all of them. ┬áSo, here are the questions for my twenty-five year old self:

1. Are all the people you know now still alive? I hope so!
2. Are you still alive? That would also be nice. If not, I suppose this entry was a slight waste of time.
3. Are you still updating this blog? I love it so much now, and I’d hate to think you’d lose interest. Even if you don’t update it now, use this time capsule as an excuse to do so.
4. Do you also still update your Finger Puppet Show? If not, why don’t you revive it?
5. When was the last time you saw Chloe, Dalfino, David, Egan, Mairi, Naomi, Oscar, Rory, Sophie or Stacey? If it’s been a very long time, please be sure to try and arrange something soon.
6. Also, for the people you’re not in contact with so often, are you still arranging regular meals to meet up at?
7. Have you had any more writing published in the last five years?
8. How did you do at university?
9. Are there any important people in your life that I don’t know yet?
10. Been anything new, Waltons-wise?
11. Are you employed? If so, what are you doing? If not, good luck!
12. Where do you live? Are you still at home? Have you moved to Bath? Or are you somewhere else entirely?
13. Finally, I quite enjoyed this, so, why not make a capsule to open in 2024?

(Don’t miss today’s Finger Puppet Show!)

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